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About us

Established in 1997 with just three employees, we have grown and developed over more than 20 years providing enforcement and debt recovery services to local authorities, commercial landlords and private parking providers across the UK. Through our regional network and operational team, our enforcement officers and specialist welfare advisers, provide an effective service to our clients wherever they are based.

Our track record in handling public money speaks for itself and our quality of service is backed by a performance guarantee bond. We take our responsibilities seriously and work hard to safeguard our reputation in this highly competitive market by always going the extra mile to provide a personal service for our clients.

From local taxation and parking enforcement to sundry debt collection and High Court enforcement, we devise a bespoke service package for each client that evolves as their needs change. Ross & Roberts makes full use of up to date market intelligence harnessing the latest technology to create custom-built software links between our clients’ business and our own databases.

Our approach

We know that we are working with people facing difficult financial circumstances. Our role is not to judge but to help them resolve issues and moved forward with their lives. While our mission is always to recover our clients’ funds as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, we aim to treat people fairly, handling those who may be vulnerable with care and sensitivity.

Our ultimate responsibility to is to our clients, many of whom are charged with protecting public funds, and we are proud to boast one of the highest collection rates in the industry. Our experience enables us to fulfil that responsibility while maintaining respectful, clear communications with their customers.

We make sure that people know why we are there and who we are working on behalf of. We outline the enforcement process and set out the penalties for non-payment. We also provide access to advice where needed and help people to understand their options.

We are always seeking new ways to improve the effectiveness of our services and to streamline the process of settling debts for everyone. We work diligently and transparently, making tough decisions with integrity, and are always mindful of our goal to deliver a fair, effective service to our clients.

The way we work

Ross & Roberts guarantees a fast, effective service delivered by a highly professional team with decades of experience. Our track record for high collection rates enables us to recover over £60 million for our clients each year.

Agile and responsive

We can move quickly, visiting an address within an hour from a client request and always within 24 hours, seven days a week. Instructions received before noon will see us issue a Notice of Enforcement on the same day.

Harnessing technology

All our activities make use of the latest digital developments from wearable technology and tablets for our enforcement agents to online case management, and multiple payment options for customers.

Ethical and sensitive

We can be relied upon to work with sensitivity to protect vulnerable people and safeguard the reputation of our clients. Our comprehensive audit, risk and compliance processes are designed to give you peace of mind so you can always trust us to operate professionally.


Ross & Roberts has been awarded the following industry standards and accreditations.