Why have I received a Notice of Enforcement?

An outstanding debt has been passed to us from a Local Authority/organisation to collect on their behalf. You must contact us immediately to make an arrangement to pay.

Why have I received a telephone call ?

We are trying to collect the debt or make an arrangement at Compliance stage to avoid you incurring the Enforcement Agent visit fee of £235

Why has the enforcement agent called?

You have not responded to the Notice of Enforcement we recently sent you

What happens if I do not answer the door?

The enforcement agent will leave correspondence referring to his visit and the further action which will follow.

Has an enforcement agent the legal right to force entry?

No! An enforcement agent can only enter premises when invited and cannot forcibly enter without the owners consent. An enforcement agent can enter premises through an open door.

Can an arrangement be made?

A monthly arrangement can be agreed where payment cannot be made in full. By agreeing to an arrangement, and adhering to it, no further action will be taken.

Are there easier payment methods?

Yes! You can pay 24 hours a day with Credit or Debit cards via the payment link on our website www.rossandroberts.com . Alternatively you can pay by telephone on 0845 609 0246. There is no charge for this service.

What happens if I default from an arrangement?

An enforcement agent may attend your property with a view to enforce the debt and execute the order. Additional costs may be payable.

What charges can be made by the enforcement agent?

Charges for attendance are made in accordance with Taking Control of Goods regulations 2014

Are you governed by a Code of Conduct?

Yes. We have our own code of conduct which is available via our website just follow the links from the Policies section. We also adhere to the CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association) Code of Conduct which is also available from the Polices section of our website.

Who is your governing body?

CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association).

I have other debts, where can I go for help?

Please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). A contact list of all CAB offices is available on www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Can enforcement agents remove anything they want to?

No! There are specific appliances and articles that we cannot remove i.e. cooking or heating appliances, refrigerators, anything on hire purchase etc. A full list is obtainable within our Code of Conduct

What is an 'arrangement'?

An arrangement is when a debtor agrees to pay a specific amount at a certain time, usually monthly. By agreeing to an arrangement, and adhering to it, this would remove the necessity of further action against the debtor.

How can I complain about Ross and Roberts and its employees?

We always aim to collect debts as quickly and easily as possible for all concerned. We understand that a visit from an enforcement agent is stressful, but all our agents are fully trained, highly experienced and work in a professional, sensitive manner.

If you feel you've been treated unfairly, or the agent has acted incorrectly, you should write to: Ross & Roberts - Unit 8 Wessex Park, Bancombe Road Trading Estate, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6SB, or complete our complaints form.

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