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Complaints Policy Statement

Equita Limited appreciates due to the nature and role of our operation, some degree of dissatisfaction may occur. As with any customer facing organisation, as well as investigating reports of poor practice we also like to hear when individuals have received exceptional service from us so that we can pass on recognition to the individual employee.

Complaints may be made:

  • by letter via the post
  • by email
  • verbally via our Customer Contact Centre
  • through our website

The aim of our complaint procedure is:

  • To ensure all complaints whether communicated verbally or in writing are dealt with quickly, thoroughly, confidentially, and fairly
  • To ensure full adherence to our response time targets
  • To ensure any necessary improvements are addressed
  • To promote the ability to analyse the nature and type of complaint

On receipt of a complaint, an acknowledgement letter will be issued informing the complainant that an investigation will take place and that a formal response to the complaint will be sent.

All replies to complaints are unique bespoke letters created for each complaint as it is received, and the contents of our reply will depend on the nature of the complaint and result of our investigation.

Stage 1

The Investigating Officer will research and consider the complaint, collecting all relevant information and data and draft a response. The complainant’s letter, supporting information and proposed reply will be forwarded to the Complaints Officer for verification and for the response to be sent.

Stage 2

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the result of the investigation, the complaint will be re-investigated by the Complaints & Quality Assurance Manager who will scrutinise the initial investigation and outcome provided and has the authority to overturn any decision if necessary.

After Stage 2

If, after their complaint has gone through the 2 stages of our process, the complainant is still not satisfied, they may contact the local authority and, if necessary, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.


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