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Our People

As the face of Ross & Roberts, it is the professionalism of our people that truly sets us apart. We select and recruit only those with the right skills and experience, who share the values on which our business was founded.

Our senior management team is responsible for safeguarding those values. They have many years’ combined experience in social care, training, enforcement, customer services, charity/third sector management, credit management and IT development. Our managers thoroughly understand our industry and have a clear insight into the pressures and challenges facing our clients. Our team embodies the values of professionalism, customer focus, transparency and personal commitment that underpin the Ross & Roberts brand.

You’ll also see the same values in action across all our teams, from the internal operations team to the call centre and our enforcement agents. From the outset, our agents have always been directly employed by Ross & Roberts which means we keep closely in touch with their day-to-day activities, ensuring that they adhere to our firm-but-fair approach.

All Ross & Roberts staff, including our enforcement agents, undertake training developed by the Money Advice Trust and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to ensure we comply with the national standards set out for enforcement agents who are dealing with vulnerable people.

As well as helping staff identify genuinely vulnerable people, this training equips them to handle cases with sensitivity, and to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties. All our enforcement agents are fully certificated and have achieved an NVQ Level 2 qualification designed by CIVEA and the IRRV.

Samantha Roe

Samantha Roe - Operations Director

Sam has over 19 years’ experience with Ross & Roberts, overseeing internal and external operations for the company. She joined the business in 2001 in an administrator role and gradually developed the Ross & Roberts infrastructure to its current sophisticated level. Sam is highly knowledgeable in IT systems and procedures relating to enforcement agent services and debt recovery. With 26 years’ experience in customer services, Sam takes a strategic approach, leading the team to deliver an excellent service with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Sam also has a wealth of experience in procedures and policies including health and safety, as well as an understanding of vulnerability issues. Sam ensures that training and development is accessible for every team member to boost continuous improvement.

What makes Ross & Roberts the provider of choice?

“Ross & Roberts prides itself in providing the best service possible to our clients and customers. We try to look after our number one asset which is our employees. I personally take great pleasure in being able to help mentor our teams and empower them to grow professionally through Ross & Roberts and our parent company Capita. My fellow directors and senior managers work hard to achieve results and lead the team well as they strive to do the same.”

Terri Davey

Terri Davey - Senior Client Manager

Terri joined Ross & Roberts after having worked within the public sector for several years in both operational and strategic management roles. Her public sector experience was complemented by work in both the private and charity sectors giving Terri valuable cross sector knowledge.

Terri is passionate about delivering a great customer experience as efficiently and effectively as possible. Terri works closely with clients to understand their challenges, help improve their experience and support them through the enforcement process.

What makes Ross & Roberts the provider of choice?

“The team at Ross & Roberts really cares about doing the right thing as well as achieving its goals. I am delighted to have chosen such a positive and ethical employer which reflects my values and expectations.”

Edd Moore

Edd Moore – Social Value Manager

Ross and Roberts takes the reputation of the enforcement sector very seriously and is unique in employing a social value manager. Edd Moore has worked with local authorities for more than a decade delivering social value projects well before the Public Services (Social Value) Act become law. Edd’s work has been published in Insights magazine and the Financial Times and he has delivered seminars and workshops on social value to local authorities and the IRRV. Edd has a wealth of experience in ensuring that social value projects benefit local communities and deliver positive changes to the health, economy and local environment. Ross and Roberts ensure that these changes are monitored and measured, and that evidence of their impact is provided to the local authority. Our work in this area has resulted in a greater appreciation of enforcement work, an increase in collection rates and a reduction in complaints.

What makes Ross & Roberts the provider of choice?

“Ross and Roberts offers a friendly local service from a professional, well-established business. Achieving this requires a balance that comes with years of experience and is highly beneficial to clients, customers and colleagues alike.”

Deborah Blake

Deborah Blake - Branch Manager

Deborah joined Ross & Roberts in 2002 and has been promoted through the business to her current position. She is proud to lead our internal administration and operational teams. Her teams pride themselves on the personal service they provide to clients and customers alike.

Deborah has around 30 years’ experience in customer service and consistently drives performance improvement, ensuring that all teams are fully trained in operational matters. Deborah is responsible for ensuring that our teams conduct mandatory annual refresher training in areas including equality and diversity, GDPR, data protection, health & safety and information security.

What makes Ross & Roberts the provider of choice?

“Ross & Roberts provides a friendly, professional and ethical service to our customers and clients. Our teams are trained to the highest standards and, as a company, we expect them to deliver nothing less than an excellent service. We have many long-serving and loyal employees which reflects a positive company culture.”

Natalie Knott

Natalie Knott - Compliance Manager

Natalie joined Ross & Roberts in 2007 and has worked at a senior level in several areas of the company building up an extensive knowledge of the business. Natalie currently manages our compliance team, which was expanded significantly to meet the expectations of our clients.

The compliance team deals with complaints, accreditations, health and safety, call centre and agent video badge auditing, enabling Natalie to highlight issues at an early stage and work with her management colleagues to strive for continuous improvement.

What makes Ross & Roberts the provider of choice?

“Ross & Roberts prides itself on excellent customer service and high levels of satisfaction, always going the extra mile to ensure that we deliver our promises. All our agents are provided with video badges to record their visits, so I can witness the professional job they do on behalf of our clients, often in the face of difficult circumstances.”


Ross & Roberts has been awarded the following industry standards and accreditations.